Puffin and Volcano Tour

in Westman Islands

See and meet life puffin with Eyjatours!

Hop on a minibus and explore the stunning nature of the island with unique history, friendly locals and see some puffins.

The Puffin and Volcano Tour is one of our most popular tour in Westman islands – Vestmannaeyjar



Make your time in Westman Islands – Vestmannaeyjar unforgettable with our unique tours. Custom made experiences for your family, group of friends or just for you. Full day or just part of the day with our expert guidance, you will discover the wonders of Heimaey. Above all our goal is to make your trip magical and memorable so you will never forget this amazing Island.

Eyjatours is fully licensed, local family tour operator here in Westman Islands – Vestmannaeyjar. We are committed to provide excellent and personal service for travellers who enjoy and discover Westman Islands – Vestmannaeyjar in personal and private way. Our tours are guided by local guide with expert knowledge, personal attention and many years of experience.

Eyjatours is located in Vestmannaeyjar or Westman Islands off the south coast of Iceland. The island is an archipelago formed by volcanic eruptions underwater. The largest island is called Heimaey and has a population of around 4,500 inhabitants. Most of the islands have steep cliffs that are rich with birdlife. In 1973 the Eldfell volcano erupted which destroyed many buildings and the inhabitants were forced to flee to the mainland. Before the eruptions the inhabitants of  Westman islands -Vestmannaeyjar were around 5,200. Some of the families never returned back to the Westman islands – Vestmannaeyjar.

Experience the Westman islands with a locals with Eyjatours.

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